Energy-efficiency directives

  • Energy-efficiency-related regulations and standards are gradually being intensified around the world. The Ecodesign Directive is the legislative framework that currently sets requirements on all energy-related products in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors throughout the European Union. Its aim is to ensure manufacturers reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of their products by establishing minimum energy-efficiency standards. These requirements have been gradually intensified.

    Motors, AC drives and power drive systems are classified according to their energy efficiency. And, since January 2015, it has been a legal requirement that new IE2 motors require an AC drive for operation in Europe. The EN 50598-2 standard defines the IE classes for AC drives and also the IES classes for power drive systems.

    Danfoss drives already comply with the strictest requirements of the EN 50598 standard for energy efficiency and are classified as IE2.

    An online tool – Danfoss ecoSmart – makes it easy to calculate IE and IES classes according to the EN 50598-2 standard.  

    Use Danfoss ecoSmart to: 

    • look up standard part load loss data for Danfoss AC drives
    • enter any application-specific part load points
    • calculate the IE class and part load data for an AC drive
    • calculate the IES class for an asynchronous motor and AC-drive system
    • create a report documenting part load loss data and IE or IES efficiency class
    • export the part load data points for use in your system

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