Safety and compliance

  • Fire and smoke safety

    All buildings with requirements for ‘life safety’ on essential service applications require firemode functionality. The fire mode functionality in the VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102 provides reliable and continuous operation of applications related to stairwell pressurization, smoke extraction, lift shaft pressurization and car park ventilation for safer and more effective emergency evacuation. Fire override mode protects the drive in the event of a fire, ensuring vital fan operation regardless of high temperatures, control signals, warnings and alarms.

    Seismic compliance

    Seismic compliance is essential for all drives running ‘life safety’ applications. The VLT HVAC Drive complies with Importance Factor 1.5. This compliance is tested in accordance with the standard ICC-ES AC-156 by the Californian Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD).

    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance

    Danfoss provides AC drives with optimum EMC protection and integrated harmonic filters to ensure the ideal EMC environment, and cleanest power supplies are maintained throughout the operational lifetime of the system. With first-class EMC compliance, they fulfill the most stringent emission requirements:

    • IEC 61800-3:2004 Category C1/EN55011 Class B (residential) with 50-meter screened motor cable
    • IEC 61800-3:2004 Category C2 & C3/ EN55011 Class A Group 1 & Group 2 with 150-meter screened motor cable

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