EC+ concept

  • When building an HVAC system, to get the highest performance and system efficiency, the individual components – motor, drive and fan – need to be flexible and broadly compatible with each other. For instance, if you specify a high-efficiency motor that is only compatible with lower efficiency fans, the overall system efficiency would suffer and would not reflect the high performance – and investment – in the individual components.

    Danfoss Drives’ EC+ concept allows ventilation system designers to combine a VLT® HVAC Drive with the most efficient fan and permanent magnet motor.

    Advantages of the EC+ concept

    • Free choice of motor technology: PM, asynchronous or synchronous reluctance with the same AC drive 
    • Device installation and operation remain unchanged
    • Manufacturer independence in the choice of all components
    • Superior system efficiency thanks to a combination of individual components with optimum efficiency
    • Retrofitting of existing systems is possible
    • Wide range of rated powers for standard, PM and synchronous reluctance motors

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