Cranes and Hoists

  • Hoisting of equipment and goods in production or in transportation is the main work for cranes. Safe working conditions and efficiency improvements in production are increasing the use of cranes.
    Danfoss Drives is a leading supplier of AC drives for the cranes industry. More than 100,000 of our drives are providing effortless speed control and optimized efficiency for the smallest chain hoists up to the largest mobile crane vessels with lifting capacities up to 10,000 tons.

    Solutions for new developments and modernizations

    Danfoss Drives’ broad range of AC drives, including both VLT® and VACON® brands, provides flexibility in the development of new equipment and modernization of existing installations. When new cranes are designed, Danfoss Drives is able to draw on years of experience related to applications and AC-drives technology to support the development.

    Cooperation in analyzing the operation of drives using test cranes, and optimization of the controls, performance and system as a whole, are important areas of our expertise. And our wide service offering covers scheduled maintenance requirements and optimization of modernization packages.

    Our engineering support and service teams are capable of assisting system integrators and crane manufacturers at all stages of projects from cabinet building to commissioning. Covering the full lifetime of the crane, our key services include technical support, start-up, maintenance, spare parts, upgrades and training.


    Danfoss Drives is a world-leading, dedicated and passionate AC-drives specialist with widespread experience related to different crane types. Our knowhow includes AC drives in hoisting, cross and long travel, slewing and control of auxiliary equipment like cable reels, for example, in the following crane types:

    • Process cranes, such as ladle cranes for handling liquid metal
    • Tower cranes in construction sites
    • Container-handling cranes in harbors
    • Overhead cranes in many industries
    • Marine and offshore cranes
    • Chain hoists

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