• The global need for chemicals is increasing, and new chemicals and production methods are continuously being developed to meet the needs of all industries and for various uses in everyday life. Using the best-available technologies is normal in the chemical industry. And, when it comes to the best-available technology for AC motors, the industry recognizes the benefits of speed control using AC drives.

    Danfoss Drives has widespread experience and expertise in controlling the speed of AC motors in all main chemicals sectors: petrochemicals, basic inorganics, polymers, specialty and consumer.

    Project partner for reliability and efficiency

    Danfoss Drives has a proven track record of supporting the chemical industry in increasing production capacity and improving sustainability. Process-control improvements with speed control of motors and energy savings in various applications have increased the output and reliability of processes and reduced carbon emissions.

    Besides the main chemical processes, we also focus on utilities. Our water-treatment expertise, together with a range of dedicated AC drives, has efficiently been used in water-cleaning processes to help plants reduce the use of energy and water. HVAC in offices and production areas is also within the scope of Danfoss Drives, as well as power generation in locations with their own power stations.

    We globally support the entire lifecycle of VLT® and VACON® drive products and provide the expertise on applications and processes at different stages of projects from planning of new projects to modernization. We specialize in AC drives, and we have wide expertise on working with different stakeholders. Working as a team member together with engineering companies, system integrators, equipment suppliers and end users is natural for us.

    Our global network of partners covers the main markets and we continuously improve this network so that total solutions can be provided.


    Expertise optimizes the engineering

    Danfoss Drives expertise can be utilized in the engineering of individual applications to ensure they perform optimally. We provide support throughout the entire engineering process from the dimensioning of AC drives to the commissioning of equipment. 

    Our AC drives control the speed of the most common applications like pumps, fans and compressors as well as the special chemical process applications, such as extruders, grinders, rollers, mills, mixers, kneaders, dryers, blowers, dosers and centrifuges.

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